2018 | Issue 3
Hammerstone was founded to introduce more women to woodworking and construction. We're proud to introduce you to its creator: the exceptionally talented woodworker, SketchUpper, and gender equality activist, Maria Klemperer-Johnson.
Speedy Pawn
Winning a chess match is hard. Modeling your own chess set can be a cinch! In this chess-themed set of Skill Builders, you’ll learn all kinds of useful SketchUp nuggets.
Extension Inspection: Round Corner
Need a reason to come to 3D Basecamp? We’ve got seven. If you’re interested in 3D modeling, architecture, interior design, extensions, woodworking, drones, VR, SketchUp training… okay maybe there are more than seven reasons. The point is, you need to be there!
SketchUp Live
Are you a university student or K-12 educator? Want to win a free trip to 3D Basecamp? The EDU Ascent competition is for you!
March into SketchUp
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