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Simplified vs Detailed Film Light
By Ryan Ghere
Remember Component Bonus Packs? This month we gave our collection of standard objects a major upgrade, with 2,800 high quality models added to 3D Warehouse's Detailed Collections.
rendered image of I-70 Tunnels
So you want to build a road through a mountain, huh? In this post, we interviewed THK Associates to learn how they used SketchUp to redesign a pair of tunnels in the mountains of Colorado.
Wooden Bicycle
We recently visited Connor Wood Bicycles to see how SketchUp has helped Chris Connor create rolling works of functional art. 
Solid Inspector Example
Find and fix small errors in your SketchUp models.
Moving Gears
Take your models to the next level with this animation extension.
Example Arrows
A fun lesson from the tutorial category in the SketchUp Forum.
Clean Model comparison
How clean are your SketchUp models? It's time to find out!
LAN Logo
Our friends at the Landscape Architects Network compiled their favorite hints and tips into this tidy package of SketchUp tricks. Enjoy!
Artwork by Pixel-Pencil
On an unknown street in Sendai Japan, a lone craftsman, Yasuo Okazakoi, labors daily on a 400-year-old art form. Learn more about his work and the SketchUp model it inspired.
Edddison Logo with background
Looking for a new way to present and collaborate on 3D projects? Edddison's toolkit allows you to create rich, interactive experiences with your SketchUp model.
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